We broadcast live on Sundays at

11:00 am and 6:00 pm!

If you have a android or windows mobile device you can visit our web page through your browser to watch!
If you have a iPhone/iPod/iPad mobile device you will need to download the livestream app from the app store for free and search "BatleyBaptist". 

Note: "Livestream" will run a short commercial before each time you view a service. We have no control over what these commercials are. Please know that we DO NOT endorse these commercials in any way.


Comcast subscribers:

Watch our broadcast, Sunday at 4:00 pm on channel 241.

This is a great opportunity to reach more people in the Knoxville area!


Watch past services on our YouTube channel.


If you would like to order a CD or DVD of our church services, contact the church office at:

(865)435-2400 or

email us at

CDs are $5.00 / DVDs are $10.00 each